Sunday Worship Details

We come together to remember and celebrate who God is, what He has done, and what He has promised. 

When Do We Meet?

Join us in-person as we come together for worship service, Sunday at 10:00am. Services typically end around 12:00pm.

Although the primary mode of assembly for worship is in-person, we do offer the ability to watch online should you be providentially hindered.

What Can I Expect?

Services last about 2 hours. We gather every week to focus -or refocus- on the good news of the Gospel. Together we pray, confess to God, sing, rejoice, hear the preaching, take of the Lord’s Supper, and witness baptisms. At Apologia Church Utah, you will find a variety of God’s people of every “tongue, tribe, people, and nation.” Some worship God in more formal clothes and some with t-shirts and tattoos but always a reverent atmosphere.  Also, we have intentionally structured the music, teaching, prayer, and sacraments to reinforce the gospel and lead us in genuine worship. We celebrate communion every week to remain centered on the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus as our source of hope and salvation. We typically teach through books of the Bible and always remain rooted in the gospel. The music is most often a mix of hymns and theologically-rich worship songs. We end the service with the Doxology and a benediction from Scripture. Come join us!

Expository Preaching

We believe in the supremacy and authority of the Word of God. The Holy Scriptures read, exposited, and rightly interpreted is the pinnacle of the worship service. And because all Scripture is breathed out by God it is necessary to study every book of the Bible from Old Testament to New Testament. We will accomplish this by preaching passage by passage, exegeting out of the Bible the plain meaning through proper hermeneutics. We study the Word this way to best honor Christ and mature together as a congregation.

Family Integrated Worship

We believe the worship service is a family event that was normalized in the New Testament church. It is our conviction that age segregation in the service removes crucial aspects of sanctification that flows out of intergenerational discipleship. It establishes biblical headship and puts the role of spiritual leader back onto fathers and mothers rather than a Sunday School teacher. We understand this can be quite the adjustment but we’re all in this together. When the children start learning biblical truths and how to worship God it makes it all worth it.

Confessional Church

We are a confessional Reformed Baptist church that recognizes the Word of God as primary, inerrant, and infallible but we adhere to 1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith as our secondary source of commitment. It is not above Scripture but acts as guardrails to the errors and heresies that have sought to plague the church and derail her from Christian orthodoxy throughout the centuries. On Sundays we do a corporate Q & A from the Baptist Catechism.