Who We Are

We are a local congregation seeking to embody the true gospel in all of life in Utah. 

Teaching Pastor/Elder

Wade Orsini

Wade is a Pastor/Elder of Apologia Church in Utah since it was founded in October 2021. He was raised up by the Elders at Apologia Church in Arizona for over 6 years. God saved Wade in 2012 and since then he has been committed to following Christ and getting the Gospel out into the world. He earned a Master’s in Theological Studies at Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary from 2013-2017. 

Wade has been married to his wife Sarah since 2010. Together they have a 12-year-old daughter named Bella who is as better to them than seven sons (Ruth 4:15). Wade and Sarah have sold their home, left families and church home to see the Gospel of Jesus Christ raise up generations of Christians in the state of Utah.


Discipleship & Evangelism Pastor/Elder

Andrew Soncrant

Andrew is a Pastor/Elder of Apologia Church in Utah as of April 2024. He was a church planter/deacon since it was founded in October 2021. Prior to Utah He had been serving in the deaconate for several years and training under the Elders at Apologia Church in Arizona. Andrew is also co-host of a podcast called Cultish that dissects cults and fringe movements of many types from the biblical worldview. His heart is to reach the lost and help those coming out of false assemblies.

Andrew has been married to his wife Kaci since 2014. Together they have a daughter named Marli, a son named Poet, a son named Phinehas and a son named Gilead! Family is one of the most important things to Andrew as he, his wife, and children labor to see the Spirit poured out on Utah.



Dusty Marshall

Dusty Marshall is in the office of Deacon at Apologia Church in Utah since May of 2022. Before moving to Utah in 2021, Dusty was doing abortion ministry with End Abortion Now and Redstate Reform where he was discipled under the elders of Apologia Church in Arizona. 

Dusty has been married to his wife Krystal since 2012.  They have 6 amazing children and are committed to bringing them up in the fear and admonition of the Lord. Dusty and his wife Krystal have been involved in full-time ministry since 2013, working in recovery and addiction ministry.  Dusty’s passion is to disciple men to lead their families in a biblical way, not bowing to the feminist culture that looks to emasculate men and destroy the biblical household.